Keeping your Windows Clean for Longer


Keeping your Windows Clean for Longer2

If you are a person who likes to relax by your windows and look at the beautiful scenery outside, you will want to make sure you window cleaning is most effective. Sometimes it takes more than just cleaning, however, because there are other factors that come into play when it comes to maintaining the windows of your home clean.

There are many helpful tips that you can consider, all of which will keep the shine on your windows for longer. Do consider all of them and you will truly be satisfied with the state of your windows, both on the outside and inside your home:

Outside your home

  • Exterior mounted screens – definitely make sure that your screens are regularly cleaned. Without adequate window cleaning service, all of the dust and pollen that’s accumulated in the screen will simply end up on the glass during the next rain. Consider storing the screens for the winter, because you will not be using them then. Also remove screens from windows that are never opened during the hot months of the year.
  • Keep the barbecue away – even if you like the smell of barbecue inside the house, you should try to keep your grill 5 feet away from the walls and windows at the very least. That will prevent sauce, smoke, oil and grease from spoiling the glass of your windows. Otherwise you will need window cleaning service much more often.
  • Trim the bushes and trees near your windows – bushes and trees give off pollen, which can pretty much accumulate on the glass of windows like dust. Trimming the branches away from your windows is the way to go, because it will reduce the pollen and prevent big accumulation on your windows.
  • Position water sprinklers away from your windows – the water used for sprinklers is never that clean. If it lands on your windows, chances are they will get stained and spoiled by mineral deposits. This is very bad, because the damage it may cause to the glass is permanent.

Inside your home

  • Regularly change air filters – if you regularly clean the air filters of heating and cooling systems, you will have an easier time with cleaning service overall. If you fail to do that, airborne dust will settle not only on your windows, but practically everywhere else in your home.
  • Keep candles away from your windows – candles can leave smoke and soot residue on the glass, making window cleaning a real nightmare. If you want to light candles inside your home, you should always buy a type that generates the least amount of soot and smoke.
  • Clean air ducts regularly – this is especially advisable for remodeled homes and new construction. Construction dust from inside your home after renovations and construction has likely gathered inside the ducts and will get circulated in your home when the system is on. It may end up on your windows too, which is why you should always clean the air ducts thoroughly.
  • Run exhaust fan in the kitchen – oils from cooking can get airborne and end up on the glass of your windows. You can definitely maintain the windows in your kitchen and dining areas clean for long, if you remember to turn on the fan while cooking.

Follow these tips and you will certainly keep the shine in your windows for a longer time.

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