Window cleaning and living room maintenance advice


Windows cleaning and living room maintenance advices

Let’s begin with the maintenance activities and some quick advises how to keep the living room or the sitting room in a good condition throughout the year. The living room is perhaps the area that see most foot traffic and so the objects there get dirty quite easily and quickly. That’s why a regular and thorough maintenance should play a great role for keeping everything in order and to impress your guests and friends with an awesome looking living room. The best way for doing so is to make a maintenance schedule or a calendar. It should include which objects have to be cleaned, deep cleaned and which need just a quick wiping of dust. A good maintenance checklist should also include several columns – each for the objects and areas that have to be maintained on a different time basis.

Wooden shelves and racks with glass, plates and other decorative appliances should be cleaned on a weekly basis via duster. By contrast, floor coverings like carpets and rugs may need a maintenance only a couple of times a year, but a thorough deep cleaning via hot-steam or a hot water cleaning machine. Call a professional cleaning company if there are truly soiled and persistent stains. Yet there are few useful advises that can help you to keep the floor coverings like new for a longer time. First – rotate them on a monthly basis, for example, right after vacuuming. This will ensure an even exposure of the heavy worn areas and so you can easily avoid the formation of lighter spots under the table or the daybed where there is no foot traffic, and dirty darker spots right next to the clean ones. Another great advice is to turn floor coverings on their backings so to ensure an even more precise wearing of all the areas on both sides. Just make sure that your carpet or rug in the living room has a nice beautiful backside. Other objects like chairs and sofas upholstered in leather or textile should be maintained on a regular basis too. This may be once a year if they see less wearing or once a month if you spend most time in the living room or if you let your pets to play on chairs and sofas. If you don’t want to forget some objects in the hurry – a maintenance calendar with different columns for the different maintenance periods will become a great advantage.

Another highlight to put high on the living room maintenance agenda is windows cleaning. This is perhaps the most important finishing touch, will ensure a beautiful light washing through the heart of the living room and therefore a clean and cozier atmosphere for a relaxation, talking with friends or just reading a favorite book. Include the windows in the columns with the objects and areas that should be cleaned once a year like in the early springtime. This will prepare the windows for the new season, but it all depends on the region and the climate. Some windows should be maintained twice a year or more. There are plenty of universal detergents and solutions for cleaning windows. Use a small amount of the detergent and apply it onto the windows with a clean cloth soaked up in clean water. Yet if you choose a warm and cloudy day, the cleaning will be easier, because the powerful sunshine enhances the evaporation. You don’t want long darker streaks, drips or fuss right after cleaning the windows, due to the fast evaporation of the detergent and the water.


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