Learn How to Start a Window Cleaning Business


Window cleaning is a vital, but often forgotten, part of business maintenance. Dirty windows make a bad first impression; and no apartment complex, real estate agent, or commercial office wants clients to believe that the business does not keep their property clean. Since time is money, few business owners are able to clean their own windows. Instead, they hire professional window cleaning companies to keep their place of business perfect condition.

Benefits of Starting a Window Cleaning Business

Establishing a window cleaning business is a good way to earn money by providing businesses with a service they will always need.  The window cleaning industry is not overly saturated, meaning there is room for a new window washing company to grow.  Once started, a window washing business is able to give a dedicated entrepreneur  a full-time income, along with the chance to become completely self-employed.


Why You Should Avoid a Franchise

Since window cleaning is a lucrative business with continued growth, some companies offer window washing franchises. A window washing franchise might seem like a good investment, but the information and support provided by a franchise can be acquired by taking a window cleaning training course. When taught by a professional, window washing training courses teach interested individuals everything they need to know about operation a successful window cleaning business.


Window Washing Training

Taking a window washing training course involves more than a quick run through of basic window washing. Window cleaning training provides hands on instruction to those who do not want to risk their business future on the information found in a book or training video. There are many benefits to attending window washing training school. Classes teach the best window cleaning techniques, how to build a client list, and ways to get established locally. After successfully completing window cleaning training, former students are able to receive continued support as they begin their new business venture.

Weekend Window Cleaning School Graduates

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Chason Plunkett
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