Mistakes You Should Avoid When Cleaning Windows

Window Cleaning Mistakes You Should Avoid2It’s time for spring cleaning, but you don’t have enough in your budget for cleaning services and need to do it yourself. You can figure out how to scrub the hard floor, remove the hairs from the carpets and upholstery, shine the sinks and dust the shelves. Then come the windows. It always seems like a simple job, but it hardly ever is. It is most troublesome not only because of the effort you put in, but also for the patience required to wait out the right moment to start. Didn’t think there is a right moment? That is one of the mistakes home owners who clean their windows usually make. Here are some mistakes to avoid when doing it:

  • The aforementioned right moment for window cleaning is definitely not a bright sunny day. People often spray the cleaning product into the window and lather it up, then, as they do the same to the other side, the warm sun-rays dry the lather to the window, leaving ugly marks after scrubbing it off. Better pick tepid days, where you will have time for better results.
  • This might seem like a laughable mistake, but some people clean their windows only from the inside, and then wonder why they don’t look clean. Simple mistake, but somebody has to make it. Try not to be that somebody.
  • One common mistake people make is that they clean the sills first, and then get on with the pane. That is usually a wasted effort as all the liquid used for the pane will probably drip on the sill, and you will have to do it all over again after you’re done with the pane.
  • Some people are stingy when it comes to the amount of cleaning product used. Don’t be. Add, spray, and apply as much cleaner as you need until the window seems flawless.
  • Another common mistake is using anything but a soft clean cloth to dry the window pane. People often experiment with types of paper, tissues, kitchen rolls, and even sticking newspapers on the windows. You should avoid that before getting your window even more stained.
  • And, while not technically a mistake, people usually shy away from using appropriate tools to do proper cleaning. While a soft-and-hard-backed sponge can do the whole job, as any cleaning service would happily inform you, sometimes it is just better to use a scraper and spare yourself some effort. Scrapers can, and will, eventually remove more stubborn stains.

So, at the end of the day, simply avoid these errors in cleaning and you can have bright, translucent windows to go with your newly cleaned home.

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